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Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines

Vaccines are offered to businesses, associations, and individuals ​annually during the fall and winter months. We have delivered 100% of the corporate flu shot orders for the last several years and offer industry-specific considerations such as food-grade bandages.

Costs vary by year but Flu shots are generally around $25.00. If you are interested in hosting a flu shot event for your business or organization, please call Susi Norton at 1.800.400.0727 for more information. 

Low Cost Blood Draws

We offer affordable preventative health screenings in our Chico and Redding offices.

If you do not see the test you are looking for contact Katy Deaton at 1.800.400.0727.

  • Some tests require fasting (this includes coffee, we're sorry!) Please drink only water until your appointment is complete

  • Lab Draw Fee is charged for each appointment regardless of how many tests are being ordered​

  • Group rates are available and events can be held on-site 
Lab Draw Fee$30.00
CBC with Diff$6.00
Chem Panel$9.00
Hemaglobin A1C$9.00
Lipid Profile$12.00
Liver Panel$7.00
T3 Uptake$7.00
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Health & Safety

​We strive to support the public as well as businesses here in The North State live safe, healthy, and independent. This is why we provide many health and safety related services in our offices and on-site to meet you and your organizations' needs.

CPR & First Aid Classes

Our experienced trainers offer a variety of certifications to fit your needs. Group discounts are available.

Basic CPR and First Aid Certification ($65)

  • 4 hours of Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
  • 4 hours of First Aid and AED (defibrillator) training
  • Good for the general public, parents, construction workers, managers, etc.
  • EMS Safety approved card provided

Preventative Health & Safety for Childcare Providers

  • ​Required 16 hour training
  • EMSA approved-stickers provided
  • Call for pricing details​