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First Home Health Agency in the Nation Providing Transitional Care Services for HUD Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities

May 5, 2015 -- The first eight (8) low income adults to participate in the Section 811 program have completed their transitions and are receiving the care they need thanks to Home & Health Care Management (H&HCM).  The location for this Section 811 program is in South Sacramento at the Garden Village Apartments and is managed by Domus Development who selected H&HCM as a partner in this collaborative. Our joint partners in this collaborative effort include CalHFA, HCD, the California Department of Health Care Services, and the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee.

HUD Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities program provides funding to develop and subsidize rental housing with the availability of supportive services for very low- and extremely low-income adults with disabilities. This program allows persons with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community by subsidizing rental housing opportunities which provide access to appropriate supportive services.

As the lead organization for the California Community Transitions (CCT) program in the Sacramento Valley region, H&HCM assisted in identifying residents of skilled nursing facilities who were interested in transitioning back into the community. H&HCM social workers and nurses facilitated these transitions, provided the residents with the tools they need for self-care of their chronic disease conditions, and continues to provide supportive services to maintain their independence at home. “This is an innovative partnership that is providing an extraordinary opportunity to improve the health and quality of life of these low income adults and in the process transform the way we approach transitional health care.” H&HCM President Barbara Hanna, PhD(c), RN.

For more information please contact Katy Deaton, H&HCM Director of Communication, at 1 (800) 400-0727.

Certified Philips Lifeline AutoAlert Provider at Home & Health Care Management

August 9, 2013 -- Home & Health Care Management recently announced that Katy Deaton has become a certified Philips Lifeline AutoAlert provider, having completed a full training curriculum and certification program designed and offered by Philips Lifeline. AutoAlert is the first medical alert pendant that can automatically call for help if it detects a fall, even when the subscriber is immobilized or doesn’t push his or her button. To receive this certification, Katy Deaton completed all of the training modules and passed a final assessment focused on AutoAlert’s fall detection capabilities and how the service helps seniors live more independently in their homes. Throughout this certification process, Katy Deaton demonstrated her knowledge of the AutoAlert option and expertise in presenting this product for at-risk seniors in the community.

Falls account for over 60% of all nonfatal-injury emergency department visits in the 65-and-older population, with 40% of nursing home admissions being related to them. This group is three times more likely to be hospitalized due to fall-related injury than younger persons.1 The mortality rate from falls has been determined to be 67% when lie times were more than 72 hours, as opposed to 12% when lie times were less than one hour.2 Of the patients found alive, 62% were hospitalized and approximately half required intensive care. Of the survivors, over 60% were unable to return to independent living.

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service with AutoAlert is designed to reduce the risks associated with living alone and is the most widely adopted fall detection in the U.S. market for personal emergency response systems, detecting greater than 95% of falls.3  Lifeline’s quick access to help can minimize “down time” and the risk of serious health consequences that may require hospitalization.

“We are proud to have touched the lives of so many seniors,” said Katy Deaton. “By offering Lifeline with AutoAlert, we give seniors in our community a meaningful and needed service, allowing them to have the confidence to continue living independently in the homes they love.”

Home & Health Care Management in Top 100 Health Care Organizations to Watch for 2013

April 9, 2013 --The Masters of Health Administration Programs has ranked Home & Health Care Management #32 in the Health Management & Administration category. According to the Masters of Health Administration Programs website, "The managers and administrators in the medical industry are more and more crucial as the complexity of the medical system, especially surrounding managing medical finances, increases."

“This company [Home & Health Care Management] provides an excellent example of health management resources at the regional level. Operating in northern California, Home & Health Care Management offers professional teams that provide medical and non-medical care for home-bound patients and clients.”

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Home Care Supervisor Award Honors Julie Lehmann

April 29, 2014 -- Home & Health Care Management is proud to announce that Julie Lehmann, Director of Professional Services, RN, BSN, PHN has been awarded the Lillian O’Brien Home Care Supervisor Award. This award is sponsored by the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and honors a first-line home care clinical or office supervisor who has made outstanding contributions in motivating staff to achieve excellence in home care service. Lehmann will be presented with this award at the Joseph H. Hafkenschiel Awards Ceremony at CAHSAH's Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

Julie began her career with Home & Health Care Management in 1996 as a Branch Manager. After years of service she became Director of Professional Services, overseeing all clinical staff, and has recently taken on the role of acting administrator. Julie’s passion for helping others within home health extends beyond advocating for patients with our agency, but for all agencies that care for underserved populations. Julie serves on several statewide committees including CAHSAH and the Long Term Services and Supports Advisory Committee, which strives to transform California’s long-term services and supports systems to ensure culturally relevant universal access.

Her involvement with the local Area Agencies on Aging has led to grants that help provide caregiver respite and medication management programs. Congratulatory messages may be sent to Home & Health Care Management at 1398 Ridgewood Drive, Chico, CA, 95973

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