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HIV/AIDS Services and Programs

We have been providing care to the HIV/AIDS population throughout the North State for more than 25 years. Our case managers, nurses, and social workers are specially trained to provide compassionate and confidential support services. Program services may vary from county to county, call for details.

HIV/AIDS Support Groups and Counseling

Support groups are often held for those living with HIV/AIDS in collaboration with Caring Choices at our offices and in community settings. Some of our clients prefer privacy and benefit more from one-on-one counseling sessions rather than in a group setting. Counseling is available on an individual basis dependent upon client needs and program enrollment. 

Medication Reminder Program

Research indicates a person must take 95% of their HIV medications to keep the HIV virus from replicating, and to keep the body’s immune system intact. A variety of medication reminder aids are available for clients ranging from simple pill boxes to watches that beep reminders to electronic delivery systems.

AIDS Medi-Cal Waiver

To be eligible for this Case Management program, you must have full scope Medi-Cal, have a physician confirmation of HIV, meet the Nursing Facility Level of Care, and have a primary physician willing to be responsible for your medical care.

Case Management by a Registered Nurse

Comprehensive nursing case management services are provided on an ongoing basis to assist with the complexities of the HIV/AIDS disease process. These services include:

  • Face to face nursing assessments
  • Monitor medical needs
  • Provide nutritional counseling
  • Medication teaching
  • Out-patient Ambulatory Medical Care
  • Provide information about diagnosis
  • Physician referrals
  • RN advice nurse available 24 hours per day

Case Management by a Social Worker

Comprehensive social work case management services are provided on an ongoing basis to assist with the social, financial and emotional aspects of an individual with HIV/AIDS. These services include:

  • Face to face psychosocial and financial assessments
  • Benefits counseling
  • Advocacy with Social Security, Disability and Social Services
  • Budget Planning
  • Assistance with legal issues/housing
  • Referrals to counseling, community resources and Support Groups
  • Assistance with medical transportation and food

Referral Services

There are many programs and resources our case managers will help you enroll in if you qualify. These include:

  • HIV Care Program: Medical Case Management, emergency financial assistance, and medical transportation
  • AIDS Drug Assistance: Allows eligible individuals to obtain their HIV/AIDS medications at no cost
  • HIPPP: Assists with premium payments for insurance policies that provide HIV-related health care
  • HOPWA: Assists with emergency financial assistance for housing for people living with HIV
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